Our Services

US Citizen and Resident Tax Returns

These services are provided to individuals who are obligated to file tax returns in the US and Greece. 


Our services include:

  • Pre-Submission Consulting

  • Filing of Tax Returns, FATCA, F-BAR and Schedules

  • Review of all returns by experienced US Accountants and CPAs, before submission

  • Submission of returns directly through our US office, using the latest Accounting Software and Systems

US Corporation Formations & Accounting services

These services are provided to newly formed, relocating or expanding companies. 


Our services include:

  • Creation of Corporations and LLCs in the USA.

  • Provision of local Agency support

  • Provision of virtual Corporate legal address

  • Possibility to provide physical Corporate legal address, secretarial service and phone number(s)

  • Possibility to open Bank Account(s) in the US and/or other European country

  • Comprehensive Accounting services

  • Monthly, Quarterly and Annual Tax returns, as needed, Federal and State, according to the company’s type and activity

  • Annual Corporate registration filing

  • Assistance and reporting for companies that wish to be listed in the US Stock Exchanges

  • Filing for, Submission and Translation, as needed and when requested or mandated, of official documents, substantiated with Apostille by our own Notary, making them official. 

USA GAAP Accounting & Reporting

These services are provided to Greek subsidiaries that have to report to foreign parent companies.

Our services include:

  • Changing Reports from Greek or IFRS to US-GAAP format.

  • Providing US-GAAP Accounting services and support